Lupo-in the Island of the seawolves

copyright story and art: JC Quattordio

Monday, April 17, 2006

by JC Quattordio -contact

Written , illustrated and created by Juan Carlos Quattordio

Chapter 1 "A bad idea"

-It's a bad idea... -It's a cool idea...-It's the worst idea I've never heard-the sea star said--It's the coolest idea!!!! the seawolf shouts-The sea star take a breath and said;-Lupo,it's not only the best of the worse ideas,I think will made a revolution in the science of the bad ideas,I thinkthe philosophers would make essays about it in the future...-You never have faith in me!!! Lupo said-It's a veeeeery baaaaad idea,my dear seawolf...- The seawolf stops his swim with anger.The sea star descends from his head to his nose.Before Chito said something,Lupo talks.-Come on,Chito,where is that adventurous spirit?-Adventure is a thing,suicide other thing!!!!! Chito said--Aghhh,I can discuss with you!!!-Let me in that rock and go ,ah?-Don't you like to come with me?-Give me a break,man...Too much disaster you've made these days..-You coward...-You suicidal....-Let me here,now!!!Chito said,jumping to a rock.-Coward!-Suicidal!-Chito settles on the rock, close to some fresh algae-Ah! Marinalis atlantica! just grows on June and November but it is worth the waiting - he said to himself, eating the green leaves...
After a while, the rock next to him was completely naked.-Marinalis atlantica...buuurppp!!!It would be great if you wouldn´t fart so much...y such a terrible breath... Chito looks to the horizon and sees the sylueth of his friend. He moved forward but in slow motion and reluctant..He guessed his fate... - Don´t tell me anything, said Lupo, more whith his eyes than with his words.-Me? No, pal...I save my breath with you my friend...-Grrr....You were right...-I told you so,I told you so!!!! It was a totally crazy plan!!! What were you thinking of? eh?,What were you thinking of???!!!! This sea wolves never learn!-Well, you said ypou wouldn´t talk, right?!!-Aghh,it´s that he drives me crazy!!!!-Why is that my sea wolves friends are so narrow-minded, Chito???-Narrow-minded? Lupo,I don´t think nobody likes to play hide & seak witht the shark!!-Well, but Tiburzio is a good guy!!-Yes, you nd I know that, but do the rest???-I had higher expectations from my friends...-Expect what you can expect, pal...Things are what they are, no what you want them to be...-Why?-That question can get you into troubles,Lupo...-The thing is taht I get bored! Always the same...Race, see who catches more fish...why can´t we explore sank ships, sale on the abys, follow the ships and...-and meet humans...-Yes, why not? know it out of limits ... those are the Island´s rules...-Rules, rules! Some are Ok, but...what´s wrong with humans?-There´s as wrong as the rest of us...-But they must have some good things, don´t they??-Yes!!!!;for Eh...let´s let it lay...-Why you don´t want to tell me anything?The wind stoped for a few seconds the words of the two friends.-Why do you think I live among the sea wolves instead the sea stars? - said Chito, with his eyes lost on the depth of the water.-Why don´t you tell me?-I though you would guess.......It is a long story,pal...let´s let if for some other time...-What ever you said...Let`s go back to the island. Dad got some tunas and Mom made some Marinalis atlantica salad...-Marinalis atlantica???Buuuurrrpppp!!!!!

CHAPTER 2 "Distant lights"

It wasn't a typical november night.The breeze never had been so warm and the stars had never been so near.The island could be seen as a dark coin in a silver tray.In the distance one could guess the horizon,surrounded by the fishers ships and in the west one could see the lights ofthe city.But these were ignored by all the sea wolves.Well almost all.-Come on,Chito...-Aghhh...let me sleeps too much food...Burrrpp!!!-Don't burp so loud.You will wake up mum and dad.-It would be the best..I know what you want to do...Aren't you tired of taking risks?-The night is so fine,the stars are son near,the moon is so the city should be beautiful !!! Maybe we will see a ship from near!-Lupo,I buurpp!!! PRRRRTTTT !!!!-Chito,First it was a burp,and the second?-Eh...-Did you eat a rotten shark?The other ones waked up with the ugly smell.-Who was it?shouted the seawolves.-Chito!!! Lupo's father groined.-Eh,Mister Joseph,I think your wife put to much krill on the food ....-Lupo ,take your friend out of here!!!!-Yes, father...He!-Did you say something,son?-No,Sir.-Come at once.-Yes sir!!!Come on,Stinky!-STINKY?!!!shout Chito.-Ha, I could go out and I didn't escape!This is better than I thought! Lupo said.-Write it down:the first time something goes well for you.Lupo went to the higher rock.The city looked great,with his windows and bright.Blinded as a moth,the seawolfbecame high and stiff like a statue.-It's a bad idea...-Come on ,Chito!Let me enjoy this...-But it's a bad idea...-Chito,is it possible that the stars are so near?-No,they aren't stars,they're the buildings's lights-answered the star.-Stars,kights,it's the could do the humans to domesticate their stars,Chito?-It's a good question...-And how can they sleep with so many light?-Maybe they use sunglasses...-Sunglasses..What's that?'s going to be a long night-Chito saidPunctually,the morning came,but the sun made his his way hardly among the clouds.The coloy of seawolves is an island at 5 miles from the coast,was in its dayly tasks;the children were playing dangerously,their mothers tried to take care of them,the young ones looked for food and the machos fought for territory.But Lupo was still sleeping.

-Lupo!roared a voice.-Lupo!The little seawolf waked up and saw the giant shadow of his father.-What are you doing,sleeping at this time?-Eh...-You were looking to the west last night,weren't you?Lupo couldn't lie.-What do I say always? Theres is nothing good in the horizon! There are humans,they steal us the food!-Bad humas,ad humans,if they're so bad,why are thereb so many seawoves living with them in the dock?-asked Lupo--Seawolves?They don't deserve to be called seawoves! They are errants...They don't know how to fish their own food...they're worse than the humans...-humans,humans...You say it as if it was an insult...are they all bad?-That's no important.We have that believe that...-But why do you hate them?JOseph's look was bright and sharp as steel.-My son,there's nothing good there.I know,believe me.And it's the law of the island.We live with rules.Remember.-Father...-Son..Look,there's a storm coming.Faby and Julian aren't a sight.There are groups lookingfor them.You must go to the south.Don't go the cemetery way.It's forbidden.Don't make me say it again.-Yes father...The time of smiles,swimming and fishing classes all that shared joy...What had happened ?-I don't want to think,anymore.I don't want to understan...-What's up,Lupo ?-Where you hearing?-Yes,I was behid your back.Really,your father frightens when he wants.-I can't hide.I haven't that luck.-You haven not to hide...-And what do I do,my friend?-Wait...all will be fine...Lupo jumped from the rocks to the sea.The ocean was one with his teardrops.The storm was no more a spot in the horizon.As Lupo went ahead,the ways were harder.The stary sky of last night didn'taugur this picture.-Would they be in the channel?-Chito asked--Faby and Julian never go to the channel,it's forbidden...Come on to the sand bank.Faby and Julian were younger than Lupo but they were responsible.Somethig could have happenned to them.-There they are!!!-Lupo,Lupo,come on!!! Julian is wounded!!! shouted Faby,the little female seawolf.Faby had taken Julian to the sand.He was wounded and inconscient.-I didn't know what to do...-You did it right-Lupo saidJulian showed a bad wound in his head and his back.-What happened?-Chito asked,as Lupo was taking care of the little seawolf.-A water motorbike-said Faby.Lupo,ooking to his friend said:He'll be okey,but with this waves and this wind,it's going to take a lot of time to get out of here and reach the island!-If we can-Faby said.-Don't say so!Let me think.The time passed and Lupo was thinking.The situation was more difficult.Lupo and Chito had no words,something weird.Suddendly Lupo saw something that lighted a hope...

Lupo -part 3-
"Mark,the sailor"That had been a bad day to sail,Mark thought,trying to dominate his wind surf-table.A beautiful night is followed by a similarday,he trusted;the point was not to cry about it ,but to go out of there.Suddendly,the little seawolf appeared beside him.-It's a bad idea-Chito said.-Hey! You were caught by the storm?But you have it easier than me,little brother...-Mark said-Lupo didn't understand the words of the wind surfer.-Chito,what would he say?-Eh,you ask me as if I knew so much about humans!-Come on,I know you know something,tell me what he said,it's an emergency,you fool!!!!-Eh,I didn't understand well,but I think we can trust him..but I'm still thinking it's a bad idea....-Well,but what can I do to get his help?-Atract him to the sand,jump,do something!Lupo began to do what Chito said.Hey,boy,you are really funny! But I have no time to see a seaquarium show,I must get out here and save my life!Come with me if you like...Lupo went slightly away from the wind surfer.-Hey,where are you going?-Mark saidLupo pointed to the sand bank.-Oh,my fiend,another day,ah?I must get out of here.Chito explained Lupo Mark's words.The little seawolf was discouraged;but something in his look attracted the attention of the foreigner.-What's up?Mark said.Chito told Lupo and he nodded.-Well,come on,but quickly.Things are geting dangerous-Mark saidFaby saw them arive and began to show her bad mood,for wich she was well known in the island.-Lupo,are you crazy?Why are you bringing a human here?And if he kills Julian?If he eats him?-Faby said--We can trust in him! Lupo answered.-Very nice,your little friend!And that one?What does he do there?Ups,he's wounded!!!-Mark saidThe wind surfer goes beside Julian.-Little boy,what happenned to you?Julian breathes with difficulty.-Ah,yeah...a water motorbike...In these days the license it givens to any stupid ...-What he said?asked Lupo to Chito.-I don't know,but I'm worry,this guy talks alone...-Were going to make something..I will take him on the board and you guide me,will you?Lupo nodded after the Chito's expalanation.-It'll be better if he doesn't touch him-Faby said.-
LUPO Part 4The frightened seawolves approached Marco.He,unconsciously ignored the animal crowd.Titus emerged from the sea,coming upfor vengeance.-Go out,it's mine!!!The colony allowed him to pass.-No ! shouted Lupo.-What? screamed Titus.Nobody would stand against him-Go away from him! he helped us to save Julian!-It's true ! shouted Faby.Titus gaze burned Faby's eyes.First Lupo ,and now her daughter challenged him?-Nobody will break the law of the island! Humans cant put their feet here,the seawolves cant approach the humans!-shputed Titus-But he helped Julian.And who helps my friend,is my friend.-Faby said.-She's right,lets help him-a bunch of little wolves cried.-Come on,take him to the caves ! Lupo shouted.The parents could't believe such a rebellion.-No ! cried a old seawlf of the Council.But the younger didn't take the warning into account.Lupo's father admired secretely his son bravery,but trhe gazings of the groupprevented him from enjoying it.-Your son is a bad influence!!! cried a grey old seawolf.But Ines,Lupo's mother couldn't hide her feelings.-You see there,in the water?There is Julian,with his mother.Can you see? A mother with his son,alive,safe...What would yousay to her if he wasn't here?That you didn't all the possible to save him?that you would leave him to die because of a stupid rule?My son made what is right.And the human what helped him is not like the others.-Ines ! shouted Lupo's father.-Men !...if you appreciate the life as us the only have a life,all your life.We have our and more in our wombs...The human saved a life...And I will help him!!!-We are with you!! shouted the females.The fury of the storm was nothing in comparisson of the silent anger of the males.
Part 5The storm whipped the island all day and night .A thunder woke Marco up.The sailor tried to see something,but the darkness was very dense.There was a strong smell in the cave...-That smell...A ray lighted the scene.What he saw frightened him.-Ahhhhhhhh!!!! shouted Marco.-What's up?What's up Lupo asking waking up.Marco's fear was logic.Imagine to wake up surrounded by a bunch of seawolves.-Where am I...where...Aghhhhh!!! My leg,my leg!!!!-What's up? Lupo said.-He has a broken leg-Chito spoken-I have to get out of here...Aghhhhhhhh!!!!!!-What does he say?-That he must get out of here,but he's going to hurt himself...I don't like the state of his leg.-How can we help him?How can we make him understand us that we are not mean?-Lupo said-Lupo...there's some much time we know each orther...but there are things you don't know about me...-Things? What things?-Not only I know about humans,but,I never told you...some seastars are special...-special?-I can make you and the human understand each other...I'm a kind of medium...-Medium? Has it anything to do with dead or zombies?-No,no ,it isn't bad...only be near the human and touch him...Lupo did so.-Little have to help me to go out of here...Lupo jumped of the emotion.-But!!!!! I can understand him!!! Chito,I can understand him!!!Chito brighted fosforecent,with his eyes in trance.-But ,seawolf! I can understand you It can't be!!! I'm becoming delirious! It's fever! This is too much !!!A translator sea star!!!-For me is a surprise too.When he wakes,he will have to hear me....-Seawolf,you have to take me away from here.My legs aching so much...-Count on me...But we must wait.The storm is terrible.I've never seen something like this...-Neither have I...
The dawn found Lupo looking for the first rays of the sun.-What do you do? asked Chito.-I look for something...Ahh,I must have a chat with were concealing something...hmmm-Well,there was no occasion...-I don't mind.You know all about me and I...Thereis it, there is it!!!!-What ?Lupo run to the cave.-Marco,give me your t-shirt! Wake up!-What ? Marco asked.-Your T-shirt ! I saw a fisher boat and I'll try to attrackt them!-Sea wolf,you are a genius!!!-Lupo! Chito said.-This is...-Dangerous,but Marco risked his life for us!-Marco is his name?-Yes...-Like Marco Polo,the adventurer.His name fits good.Before what was planned,Lupo was going to the ship with Marco's t-shirt in his know what you are facing?-Yes,a boat full of humans...-No,I mean,when you came back...-Yes,and I want to think about it...If I do...I couldnt swim...THe yellow boat looked like a giant to the little seawolf.The sailors were preparing the baskets when they saw Lupo.-Hey,look,a seawolf!-Frightten him! I don't want him to steal food -----------------------------------------

(waiting for translation,but in afew words:Lupo saves Mark,but is dropped out of the island.Mark takes him in the boat of the fishers and adopt him in the city)

Lupo – Chapter 2 – between humans
Fernando couldn’t wait to reach home. After three days of trip with the Motorcyclist of the “Centaur” Club, the swimming pool would be his only balsam. He parked the motorbike in the garage of the house and he went towards the pool without getting off his clothes. It wasn’t the first time he did that…- Then I pour some chlorine and it’s ok…-He reached at the garden, looked at the pool, prepared to run and jumped.SPLASHHHHHHHHHH!-it was perceived -- Fernando!- shouted Marco when he was waked by the paunch of his friend.- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Oh my God, what is that?Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Get out of here bug, get out of here!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!Marcooooooooooo!!!- Marco was desperatly looking for the walking stick.- He’s going to kill me!!! – said Marco-Marcooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!Fernando knew that living with Marco is a box of surprises but putting a seal in a swimming pool is too much. Lupo was so scared as the Motorcyclist.- Don’t be afraid – said Lupo--Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! He wants to eat me!!!! Marcooooooooooo!!!!!Marco came swiftly to the park and he couldn’t avoid his laugh.- Why do you laugh, piece of sausage!??? You are too mad?! Pal, I could hold up the snake, the penguins, the three hares, but this time you’ve exceeded!!! - But He is so so nice…-- So nice? Do you realize the smell that He will Spread in the pool?-- Look, it´s not going to be worse than the mess you left when you come from a journey…-- Well, but I… have my own reasons…-- I have my own reasons too (so do I) … this seal saved my life…-Fernando noticed the walking stick and the plaster in the leg.-What happened?-- by the way, something very crazy… And long to tell… three jars of coffee at least. The deal is that that bug saved my life…-Lupo gazed to Fernando looking for his approval.- Yes, great!, but you have to take him here…-that’s has an explication… let’s make coffee.- -----------------------------
Lupo rested near the pool. That little sea doesn’t allow him to do all pirouettes he used to do. The changes were lots and too fast. Lupo felt that his wishes are not always realized in the way you expect. In the end, it was the city, with the humans, but it wasn’t as he’s dreamt. He knew that Marco is someone to trust, but Fernando? What are they talking about? Fernando went out of the kitchen and surprised Lupo inside his thoughts. -Oh. Oh… my stay is finished- thought Lupo.- Pal- said Fernando approaching to the little seal. Marco told me the whole story, and I believe in him. Every time odd stuffs happen to us. But I always say: “take the video camera with you”…--Uy, guy, don’t tell me about those UFOs…- Coming again to the topic… brother, can you stay here till we find your uncle…?- Chito translated it to Lupo and he jumped of happiness.-wait a minute, about the ability of the starfish, I’m not going to believe till I prove it… let’s see…-- Thanks for all- said Lupo-Fernando came back, moving his arms as an uncontrolled puppet. -wow! That´s too much! Marco… I need… more coffee… aspirins… a shower… and more coffee… I can´t believe it…-Fernando left hallucinated to the kitchen.-Marco, did I like him?- said Lupo.-yes, why?-I don´t know, he´s a bit queer, isn´t it?- He´s of Gemini…--Ah… now I understand- said the little seal-------------------------------
The next day, Marco and Fernando have got up early and decided to have breakfast in the garden. Lupo looked at the distance prudently, but he didn’t wait a second to approach when Fer called him.- The truth is that we can look after him… He annoys less than a cat…--He´s great that little seal!- said Marco-ey, could that bug eat croissants?-taste it--let´s see Lupo, come here little seal, said Fer shaking a croissant.The smell of the croissant was delicious. Fernando saved his hand miraculously.-but!!!--Jajaja!!!-- Why are you laughing, foolish? – said Fer angrily-- What expression you did!!!-Lupo saw the Motorcyclist´s face and swallowed the croissant without tasting it.- I almost mutilate him!- said Lupo-don’t be so exaggerated… your teeth are not so hard yet…-Fer approached Lupo again.-I´m going to give you another opportunity…- said fer with a new croissant in his hands-let´s see, go delicately, with love… let’s see…-Lupo got closer to the delicious piece of baker’s. He opened slowly his jaw with mechanic precision, and took the croissant with a perfect movement.-Very good! I like that way! - Applauds Fer-Lupo has never tasted the sugar, the flour, the syrup. She has never thought in feeling all these sensations… they were like…-What are you thinking about?- said Chito-I don´t know why I remember that… it’s like something I know… but I don’t know it yet…--Lupo…--What´s up, Chito?--Ask him a piece for me…-Lupo shared the next croissant . chito began to change of colors: black, red, green, green pistaccio. His eyes began to turn madly. Suddenly He began to sing old German songs and to recite the French surrealist (in French…)-What´s up?- Asked Marco and Fer at the same time.Lupo pointed at the croissants.-Ah, this confirm my theory… I told you, Don Gonzalo´s croissants should be declared as illegal… How does this devilish old man bake them?--Don Gonza says it´s an old family recipe, that his uncle Patrick stole it from some gipsy people in Transilvania- -do you understand?- this is another purpose to realize in our lives--to have nephews--to write a comic--to plant lettuce…--and…--to find out Don Gonzalo´s recipe!!!-Lupo interrupted parking.-ey, are you worried for my friend?--No, fool, he wants another-said Fer.